The Return!

The Return…
WOW! what an intensely crazy, challenging year we have experienced!

We are very happy to say we are able to reopen on Mon 17th after a long 5 months closed. We have been very grateful for the online support which has kept the Yoga community spirit going.

So, how are you feeling? Happy, grateful, nervous, fearful??

We will ultimately all have different feelings about The Return to life and maybe our priorities have changed and being given the opportunity to break has helped you realise what is and isnt serving you in your life.

Ive been very grateful for the arrival of Spring, maybe less grateful for the northern arctic wind though…but we have had some glorious sunny days and that has been very welcome after a winter of lockdown.

I have personally been enjoying seeing my friends again, getting a hair cut and even popping to the shops! Wow, who would have thought going into town could be that exciting.

Nature has been my best friend this past year and I feel lucky to have so much space around us to walk and explore. Ive also been reading a lovely book called The Stubborn Light of Things by Melissa Harrison, if you like being aware of your local wildlife and how to protect it I can recommend this book.

I am so looking forward to seeing students new and old again. I will still be zooming along side the LIVE class for those are not sure about returning or who enjoy their home practise.

Classes can be booked online just please make sure you book the correct one (either studio or zoom) as space is limited in the studio. Covid restrictions will still be in place for a while, with social distancing, mask to mat, hand sanitiser, door open etc.

Hope to see you VERY soon

In Love, Light & Freedom

Leigh xx

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