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Private Gong Bath

Private Gong Bath with Leigh

A private 1hr Gong Bath for up to four people £65 (and £10 per person thereafter).

Please email to book a space.

We can supply mats which will be steamed cleaned after every use. Please bring your own blankets, cushions, eye pillows as these cannot be shared. You will be required to use hand sanitiser before entering the studio.

Starting with a 10 min relaxation then we settle onto the mats. We may set an intention at the beginning of the session which we can work on manifesting throughout the Gong Bath.
During the experience you will be bathed in the sound and vibrations of the Gongs and therapeutic instruments which stimulate the alpha and theta brain wave frequencies associated with meditative, clear and peaceful states of mind to help you feel wonderfully relaxed and calm.

You can also choose to have 45 mins Yoga and 45 mins Gong Bath for £115 up to four people (£15 per person thereafter)
Please email to book a class



Once a Month Gong Meditation

2nd Tuesday of the month 11.05 – 12.05 at Notley Yoga Centre

 Investment – £9 per class 
Starting with some gentle movement and breathing to bring body, breath and mind into union we then embark upon the Gong Meditation. Allowing the Gongs to take us on a journey of discovery. Using the healing quality’s of ‘Sound ‘ to help us tune out of the everyday noise and tune into the vibrations of the Gongs and other instruments. Each of the tuned instruments vibrates us on a different level…all you have to do is lay back and absorb the sound allowing the feelings of stress and tension melting away as peace and harmony come singing back to you.
This practise will help;
• lower blood pressure
• improved blood circulation
• lower heart rate
• slower respiratory rate
• less anxiety
• more feelings of well-being
• less stress
• deeper relaxation