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Recordings and Yoga Shorts

Each week classes are recorded so you can practice in the comfort of your own home and in your own time. Once you have purchased the weekly class it will be sent to you via email (please note this is not automated and may take a few hours before you receive in your inbox) 

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Yoga Shorts

 Three short videos for busy people


You can purchase 3 short physical practices and also one breathing practice for £12. These can be accessed again and again. Once purchased they will be sent via email (please note this is not automated and may take a few hours to arrive in your inbox) 


  1. 20 mins Activating the Vagus Nerve | A class to calm and ground you.
  2. 20 mins Fascia | A more dynamic class to wake you up, focusing in fascia
  3. 15 mins Shoulder Mobility | A class designed to release the shoulders, perfect computer break! 
  4. 5 mins Breathing | Square breathing, equalising and balancing the breath to bring a moment of calm. 

Recording Fitness & Health Class

This recording cost £5 for a 45 minute workout with Clair from Love Life PT. Due to the class not being Live you wont recieve the Nutritional Advice which is discussed at the end of the practice.