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Nicola Codling (Restorative Yoga and Gong)

”Had a lovely time thank you. Very much liked the spiritual side to the yoga and the gong bath provided a focus for my meditation. I especially found it interesting how some sounds vibrated in alternative ears; I could follow this rather than my mind wandering”

Michelle (Yoga and Gong Leigh and Alexis)

”I really enjoyed it and it was different from the last one I did with you in that the yoga was more of a calming session beforehand this time and the gong bath seemed to have different instruments and I found my myself listening to the sounds and therefore my mind wasn’t wandering round other matters and it made it more meditative”

Judy (Yoga and Gong with Leigh and Alexis)

”I loved Yoga Nidra last night. I felt really good when I went to bed and this morning I feel really refreshed and rested”

Isabel (Yoga Nidra with Leigh)

”As soon as I walked in the room, I relaxed immediately you have created a beautiful haven with warmth, smells and lovely music loved the slightly reggae track. Can’t thank you enough for leading so beautifully in your non judgemental and kind way.”

Linda (Yoga Nidra with Leigh)

”Hi Leigh , I loved it a fantastic evening loved the gong and the chimes could fault any of it x thank you. I slept like a baby last night”

Faye (Yoga Nidra with Leigh)

”I definitely enjoyed it today. Natalie was amazing as an instructor as well”

Buke (Pilates with Natalie)

”I really enjoyed the pilates session on Saturday – it was very friendly and Natalie provided excellent guidance for newbies like myself! The yoga barn is so lovely too”

Sohpie (Pilates with Natalie)

”It was lovely to meet you yesterday and I thought the chill out was absolutely brilliant. It’s not often one gives oneself 3 hours of “restoration” and I felt much better for it. In particular I’ve had quite a sore knee and hip recently and it felt much better after the session – I think it was because all the muscles and ligaments were stretched out. I’m going to buy a bolster now to use at home.

I particularly liked the gong. I’ve had no experience of gongs (except the one on the “King and I”!), and had no idea that one could make such incredible sounds with it. I thought it was beautiful”

Shirley (Sunday Chill with Leigh)

”Thought it was a really well balanced 3 hours – would have loved a bit more gong (had enjoyed the gong bath session attended previously in that the sound was so powerful at one stage I thought I was being swirled up into the air with it”

Michelle (Sunday Chill with Leigh)

”Thank you for an excellent experience! The balance of gentle chilled yoga (even for me with a bad back) and beautiful gong was perfect. It led to a great feeling of restorative time spent on me!”

Marilyn (Yoga and Gong with Leigh and Sarah)