Notley Yoga Centre, Slamseys farm, Blackley Ln, Great Notley, Braintree CM77 7QW, UK

Comprehensive 4 day Course £695

The dates for Aut/Wint 24
Sat 19th 12.30 - 6pm & Sun 20th 10.30 - 5pm
Sat 16th 12.30 - 6pm & Sun 17th 3 - 8pm

Please contact me for more information and how to book

Four Day Gong training, accredited course.
Embark on a Personal Journey with Sound and learn to play the Gongs in a beautiful environment with dedicated Sound & Yoga Practitioner Leigh from Notley Yoga Centre and Vortex Sound & Yoga.

This training will enable you to experience the Gongs firsthand and be able to introduce them into your everyday life and facilitate Gong Baths with a greater understanding of these beautiful healing instruments.

Set over four days you will learn the basic principles of Gong Playing and how to use them in a healing environment.
There will be plenty of hands-on participation with Gongs and other instruments with healing qualities.

If you would like any further info or would like to book your space please contact Leigh at