I believe Yoga is suitable for everyone and every body. Each person takes the postures their own level and we always listen to our own bodies.

General classes

Classes vary each week and are suitable for all levels including beginners.

Yoga is a very personal practise, even though we work together in a group; each individual works to their own ability and take each posture to their own level of comfort. Everyone is reminded that Yoga is not a competition and you certainly do not have to be flexible to start, you can be any shape or size.

If you have any serious health issues then please contact us and we can assist you further.

Gentle Yoga

This class is designed for students who like a slower pace e.g. people who have back/neck problems, seniors, etc.  The postures are practised slowly with time for adaptation.  Perfect for a lovely relaxing class

Chair Yoga for ME/CFS

This class uses the support of the chair for seated postures and focuses on stretching and releasing muscles.   This class will help you improve your range of motion, balance, circulation, strength and focus.The most important part of the class will be breathing…in our everyday lives we tend to breathe quite shallow, which leaves the body in a state of stress. Yoga breathing helps to lengthen and slow down the breathing which will induce a sense of relaxation. This will aid sleeping and stress.The class will suit people with ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia/back problems and people with limited mobility

Meditation and Gong Meditation

A beautiful class suitable for everyone. Starting with gentle movement to open up Body and Breath before we lie down in Savansana and receive the Sounds and Vibrations of the Gongs. A deeply relaxing and meditative experience. (not suitable for pregnancy)

Yoga Nidra

translates into yoga sleep.It’s a powerful technique in which you learn to relax consciously.  In Yoga Nidra, sleep is not regarded as relaxation. People feel that they are relaxing when they collapse on the chair in front of the tv or read a paper etc but this is not true relaxation, only sensory diversions.  For absolute relaxation you must remain aware….this is yoga nidra, the state of dynamic sleep.

In this state one appears to be asleep but the consciousness is functioning at a deeper level. It is in the threshold state between sleep and wakefulness.  This class is suitable for everyone.

Sunday Chillout

This three hour workshop is aimed to set you up for the rest of the week. Starting with 1.5hr Yoga practise followed by

Gong and SOund Bath 

Come and enjoy the healing sound of the Gong allowing you to embark on a mystical, deeply meditative journey. The Gong bathes the entire body in powerful sound vibrations or tones, which can affect you at an energetic and cellular level. When the gong is played with intention profound healing can occur. A gong bath is a very relaxing experience and can be very effective in dealing with stress, creating a sense of wellbeing and peace. Participants often receive clarity about issues they are experiencing and the new wave of energy a gong bath produces can create positive change on all levels.

Yin Yoga

In Yin Yoga postures are held for longer (up to 3 -5 mins) with emphasis on connective tissues rather than muscles. When holding the posture for longer we work on the deep tissues/fascia allowing energy to be freed up in the body. Mainly floor based postures are used in this style of Yoga. A deeply relaxing class….suitable for everyone but would need to be careful with hypermobility and pregnancy, please speak to teacher before attending.

Vinyasa Yoga

This dynamic class synchronises movement with breath to flow from one pose to the next. The fluid sequences of standing, seated and balancing postures build heat, stamina, flexibility and strength while cleansing the body and calming the mind. The class will end with a well-deserved relaxation.

All levels welcome, but keep in mind this is a more vigorous style of yoga, so there will not be as many pose break-downs as there would be in a beginners or gentle yoga class. Any questions, contact Mel on 07816474096 or melhancill@gmail.com