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Parent and Teenager Yoga with Elaine (age 10 – 16)

A class for parents and high school age children. This class will explore ways of helping your teenage child become more body and mind aware, hopefully helping through any stresses they experience at school and in life…

We will use breathing techniques – boosting feelings of calm, a tool for times of anxiety
You will learn the postures – explore the body and see what it can do! – feel comfortable in your body
Using Standing balances to build focus – improve concentration ability
Fun flow sequence – to ‘work out’ and enjoy some challenges – build strength & improve flexibility, assisting with growth spurts in teens
Partner postures to fold and twist – detox and laughter
Savasana – learn to enjoy relaxation – balance emotions
Quotes from some children
‘ I didn’t know my body could do that!’
‘yoga helps me feel positive about my life’
‘I feel stronger’